Glass fries for the meeting room at the central office

Design of a glass fries for the meeting room at the central office, Kreissparkasse München Starnberg


The room designated for the glass fries realizes an architectonically accentuated task within the building. The meeting room in question is supported by columns as if suspended above the ground floor from the seventh floor, and can only be entered via a bridge. The ceiling of the approx. 8.5 m x 8.5 m room was to consist of a fully glass barrel vault which also stretches beyond the meeting room over the whole architecture. The design of the glass fries was to correspond to the function and architectonic features of the said room in both design and function.

Artistic solution

The 0.6 m high and 35 m long circumferential glass fries designed by Bernd Fischer forms an optical bridge between the sky, visible through the fully glass barrel vault, and the bordering walls of the meeting room.
The glass painting depicts four images, each a respective frontal view. Bernd Fischer designated one frontal view for each wall so that the width of the motif corresponds with the width of the respective wall. In this way the architectonic space corresponds with the human body, it becomes the space of the head.
The motifs are divided into several color fields which play like a melody over the entire wall treatment. The entire glass fries forms an organic circumferential continuity.

Glasfries Muenchen-7
Glasfries Muenchen-5
Glasfries Muenchen-6
Glasfries Muenchen-4
Glasfries Muenchen-3
Glasfries Muenchen-2
Glasfries Muenchen-8


The ceramic paints used are inseparably compounded with the clear glass at a burning temperature of around 630 degrees. The colors which partly contain precious metals are highly light-resistant and durable.

Period of project: Feb. to Dec., 2008

Execution: » Glasmalerei Peters
Architecture: » npn-perseus

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