Panel pictures

All pictures (excluding the self portrait) are commissioned and are one-off pieces. The aim was to create a diverse and differentiated image of the subject.

In the beginning the client and I met to discuss the concept. Wishes and ideas were outlined and a (vague) aim determined. When the work was finished the client was able to select a series of portraits from those created.

The pictures are created by layered color application. Some of the panels consist of more than 30 superimposed and interpenetrating colored motif layers; superimpositions in more than one respect, in the form of photographically recorded moments of life, yet also in the form of artistic decisions. This concentration which accumulated over time characterized the nature of individual images, determine the individual presence of the person represented. All the pictures are made on armored wooden plates with high-quality colors.

Works on paper

The portraits on paper independently accompany Bernd Fischer's portrait panels.

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