Panel Pictures

Screen rulings and photo motifs

Affe (46)
O.T. (176)
Der bittere Trank (1)
Affe (235)
O.T. (6)
O.T. (258)
Der verzweifelte Mann und der Bittere Trank (239, 231)
O.T. (245)
O.T. (255)
O.T. (236)
O.T. (214, 164)
Mann oh Mann (244)
O.T. (212)
Jenseits des Erhabenen (252)
Grimassierend (11)
Affenmann (248)
O.T. (261)
O.T. (243)
O.T. (253)
Äffin mit Kind (70,64,124,68,41)
O.T. (150)
O.T. (165)
O.T. (162)
O.T. (156)
O.T. (174)
O.T. (149)
O.T. (191,132,120,202,79,201)
O.T. (208, 179)
O.T. (95,204,181,151,210,202)
O.T. (v.l.o. 186,190,131,188,126,55, 44,193,69)
O.T. (205,123,219,218)
O.T. (183)
O.T. (155,182)

Since 2003 Bernd Fischer has owned a computer and a digital camera. He experience with both has led to a long-term change in his attitude towards today's task of painting and photography. The use of highly developed technical and industrial production options in the making of his first large glass painting (2004) has also left traces in his work.
In his painting Bernd Fischer began to focus more intensely on the grid widths, using photographically recorded material and selecting intimate picture formats. Once again he considered landscapes and nude motifs as possible image motifs within his work.

Radiological motifs since 1990

Große Basis
O.T. (Schädelbasisfragment)
Ohne Titel
7/7/99, 1999, Gedruckte und gemalte Farbe auf Holz zweiteilig, ca. 56,5 x 85 cm, Ehepaar Dr. Brodt
Vom Süden nach Norden, vom Westen nach Osten
Das Konkrete der Volumen oder vom Einfangen der Töne
Strahlenbild Triptychon
Ohne Titel
Erster Einblick

In 1990 the first radiological motifs appeared in Bernd Fischer's world of images. They continued to influence his work strongly for more than 12 years. Bernd Fischer explains his interest in electromagnetic radiation imagery through its sophisticated way of reproducing levels of reality which are never visible to the human eye. The fact that this reality lies within ourselves, that it contains individual, generally human and timelessly existential facts raises the appeal these images have for the artist.
Bernd Fischer applies the enlarged and screened X-ray images in a great variety of colors onto the picture carrier with a silk screen technique. In his paintings the printed images penetrate one another with different levels of color and motifs. A colorful organism results in which transparent, covered and covering levels interact with one another. (L.G.)

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