The figue captions show the title first, followed by the year of creation, the material, the size and the owner. For sizes the height is always given first. If not differently denoted the given size is the size of the whole object (not only of parts). When no owner is given the object is owned by the artist himself.
I would like to thank the authors for the permission to use excerpts of their texts. And Edith Strommen (E.S.), Susan Riedel (S.R.) and Lisa Gardiner (L.G.) for the English translation.

I thank Museum Würth for kindly supplying the illustration.

Photography: Art photography Walter Breitinger, Frankfurt/Main, van Baschang, Munich: (figure collection Würth), Klaus Straßheim (Pupils in front of the memorial plate, Georg Büchner School), Institut für Stadtgeschichte, (Commemorative-plaque Lore Breslau, with flowers) Pfr. Rasmus Bertram (confirmands in the chapel, jugend-kultur-sankt peter), Heidi Feldmann (opening ceremony “Kunsttreppe”), Alexander Beck, Frankfurt/Main, Gudrun Klotzek, Gudrun Klotzek and Peter Rau (opening ceremony Anne-Frank-Stele), Max Schröder (Anne-Frank-Stele), Jonas Endres (Anne-Frank-foto-commemorative plaque), Bernd Fischer (Reproduktionen der Arbeiten, summer-, springacademy), Christian Hummel (commemorative plaque Bergen-Enkheim/Helmut Ulshöfer), Alex Kraus, (direktor of Photographs at Frankfurter Rundschau), Lisette Mrowka, Christian von Bülow, Stefan Reis, Christoph Boeckheler,, Bernd Georg,, Claus Nintzel and Renate Hempelmann (portrait photos), Wirtschaftsclub Rhein-Main (2010, German Job Investor Award), Ulrich Jung (summeracademy), Doris Simonsen (summeracademy, Wolfgang Fuhrmannek (Landesmuseum Darmstadt), F.A.Z., Architecture office Perseus and Kreissparkasse München Starnberg, Dr. med. Davorin Wagner (big rhinoceros drawings).

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