Menschen. (People.)

Illuminating the dark side of human nature.

An impulse towards resisting human rights violations. A message delivered through artistic means. A multi media portrait piece.


Figures: 18 international perpetrators of crimes against humanity


About the work

It gets to the heart of evil – and the effect Bernd Fischer’s work Menschen (People) has on observers is surprising, irritating, and unnerving. The artist produces portraits of 18 people, both men and women from the 20th century, from all over the world, from every political and economic system, and with differing religious views and outlooks on life. The short accompanying biographies reveal that these people all have one thing in common: They have been sentenced to prison for crimes against humanity.

Menschen questions the moral certainties of civilization, and enlightened society and throws up numerous questions. Why are men and women capable of committing crimes against humanity? And to what extent is it not only the others who commit evil deeds, but rather is evil something that is intrinsic to human nature and therefore in everyone?

Ulrike Kuschel, Anna-Fee Neugebauer, Karsten Petersen, 2015, „Punktierungen des Bösen“, Seite 7, Psychosozial-Verlag Gießen

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