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Bernd Fischer: PEOPLE. Slipcase Art Edition of 18
Marder der Farbe
Innen und Außen I
Kleine Kosmologie
Multiple, Multiple

Unique pieces and editions are not the same thing - not even in Fischer's work in which silk screen printing plays an important role.

In his unique pieces Fischer uses this printing method to integrate images into a plain, colourful organism. Here the respective impressions, imprints and intermediate prints are not repeatable, they are singular executions which gain their individuality from references to diverse contexts, colours and qualities of the executions.

Editions on the other hand rely on the concept of series whose feature is precisely the lack of handmade modifications. Minor differences between individual examples of an edition are caused by tolerances related to the process. Individual and intuitive image setting is replaced by a sophisticated relationship between the character of the material and the production process or image motif.

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