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Photo by Beatrice Grimm: The Schüler AG in front of Hessen State Museum Darmstadt (HLMD)

Head of the Schulkünstler-AG (School artist working group) in Albert-Schweitzer-School, Offenbach/Main,
School year 2017-8
Initiated and supervised by Beatrice Grimm
Supported by the Foundation of Frankfurter Sparkasse 1820 and the foundation Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Hessen-Thüringen

Topic of the AG: My Ideal Selfie

My wish was to encourage students to produce an ideal presentation of themselves which corresponds to how they would like to see themselves. The kids were asked to consider the following key questions: How would I like to appear? How would I like to be seen? What ideal image or conversely: What “hate image” do I have of myself? And how do others see me? Are there contemporary or past models for my type?
Other portrait depictions were incorporated into our discussions.
As selfies can be produced quickly and inexpensively they permit a lively development of ideas.

Photos can be taken quickly and simply using a smartphone. Project participants can present themselves playfully and creatively and photograph each other. Subsequently, the images are shared using Messenger-App and can be further processed: by painting, drawing, collage or whatever else students think of. Communication with one another is an important aspect of the project. Students can also discuss how well-known figures and “stars” present themselves and what they (wish to) communicate). A visit to a museum to examine painted and three-dimensional portraits in the history of art is also planned.

Selfies by the students, compiled by Bernd Fischer, © Students

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