German Job Investor Award

Deutscher Arbeitsplatz Investor Preis

German Job Investor Award
Screen print on aluminum
28 x 129 x 2,8 cm
(Recration 2009)


In 1997 the Rhein-Main Wirtschaftsclub (Rhine-Main Business Club) commissioned Bernd Fischer with a work which would pictorially represent employment and job creation and which would be suitable to present repeatedly as a prize and original piece of art.

Bernd Fischer solved the task by creating a plate and an accompanying certificate. Appearing on the plate are the name of the respective prize-winner and a famous depiction of a moment described in the Old Testament. The outcome of the story which is generally known and understood in our culture led to the choice of motif.
In the certificate the meaning of the prize and the work are explained and the originality of the work authenticated through Bernd Fischer’s signature.

The German Job Investment Award has been presented annually since 1997 by the Federal Employment Agency and the Rhine-Main Business Club.

More informations:
» Press release of the Rhine-Main Business Club
» Pressemitteilung der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (pdf)

Deutscher Arbeitsplatz Investor Preis SAP

First Version 1997 – 2008
Certificate on paper in aluminum-frame, 32 x 32 x 2,3 cm
Screen print on aluminum, 32 x 90 x 2,3 cm

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