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Interior design of chapel room Saint Peter Youth Culture Church

The work was created in response to a competition invitation issued by the Evangelische Regionalverband Frankfurt am Main (Regional Protestant Association Framkfurt/Main), in July 2006.

The competition sought:

1. multifunctional interior
2. suggestions for ritual objects and
3. design for a fire-proof entrance door

The room,

formerly a gallery to the main nave of Saint Peter’s church in Frankfurt/Main, was to be used for
1. peace and quiet / chilling out
2. church services for confirmation groups and
3. prayer and church services for up to 45 people at a time.

Target group:

youth and young adults aged from 14 to 25 years.

The furnishings and the ritual objects

(cross, altar, prayer wall, candle holders) were designed by Bernd Fischer especially for this competition.
The work was created between July and October 2006 and recommended by the jury for realization. The design was completed in 2007 with one alteration.

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