Dr. Jürgen Thimm

Artists urge for more humanness

Excerpt from an Leaflet exhibition: “Artists urge for more humanness – Ludwig Meidner and Bernd Fischer”, 2001, Frankfurt/Main

Bernd Fischer was born in Offenbach in 1954. He studied at the Staatlichen Hochschule fuer Gestaltung with professor Michael Croissant at the Staatliche Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste, Staedelschule Frankfurt/Main.
If one follows Bernd Fischer´s artistic development, the viewer will recognise that the human being is the focal point of Fischer´s work : starting originally with his three dimensional work with sculptures leading to the two dimensional carriers of colour, from his figurative images of the earlier years towards his “Astronaut images”, from his “x-ray paintings” to his present polychrome colour panels consisting of many parts.
In changing levels and dimensions, Fischer´s work reveals insights into the inner and hidden worlds of human existence. The artist achieves this through the versatile medium of screen-printing, using the expertise of a painter to achieve a penetration through many layers of colour and forms with a selection of x-rays and photographs. The impressive x-ray images of the human skull structure are transported into several image carriers in Bernd Fischer´s latest work, creating a multi-layered reinforcement of contents and formal expression.
His colourful balanced compositions on paper, which are smaller in size, show a high degree of sensibility. They are small, intensive in colour, on hand-made paper pulp, and seem to present parts of the human body like hands, feet, ears creating the image of a painting being physical at the same time, without further manipulation.
With his own interpretation of the human being, Bernd Fischer belongs to the category of artists inviting the viewer to search for the inner self and to discover new ways of looking. He encourages us to think intensively about human interactions.

Vier Köpfe, 1987

Four heads

Watercolours/ink/pastel on drawing paper
13,5 x 43 cm
Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt/Main

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