Bernd Fischer

Quotes from an exhibition leaflet on the occasion of the Alte Oper, Frankfurt/Main 1995

Bernd Fischer is interested in the myth of the human being. Trying to make this comprehensible, is the focal point of his artistic development. He experiments with various forms of expression and uses x-rays as witnesses to our human passing. In his work Bernd Fischer changes them to such a degree that they are unrecognisable, penetrates and reunites then with many layers of colour. Thus images are created interpreting being human in a very special way. New horizons reveal themselves to the viewer.

7/9, 1988
tempera/shallac on wood
100 x 110 cm
Private ownership

O.T. (Innenraum), 1991
No title (interior)
Maraplast D/Casein color on artist’s board
56,8 x 56,4 cm
Privately owned, Michael Croissant

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