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AIP Kategorie Schwerbehinderte

German Job Investor Award, severely handicapped category
Screen print on aluminum
28 x 129 x 2,8 cm
(Recreation 2010)

As proposed by Dr. Ernst Gloede, Bernd Fischer designed another Job Investor Prize. This work was to be presented to the company which created the most jobs for severely handicapped people. The picture was to be different from the already existing Job Investor Prize and to visually take into account the special theme. A solution was sought which would show that all the Job Investor Prizes belonged together.

Bernd Fischer found a solution to the task as he had with the already existing Job Investor Prize by creating a plate and an accompanying certificate. On the plate, apart from the name of the award-winning company, the presenter of the award and the year it was awarded is a quote by a prominent German politician and former German president. The quote depicted in an alphabet developed for the deaf is closely related to the given theme as is the content. The allotted text of the certificate explains in normal alphabet the meaning and content of the work authenticating its originality trhough the signature of the artist. The company, Heckler & Koch GmbH, commissioned the work which would then be produced as an original for every prize-winner over a period of three years. The Federal Ministry for Employment purchased a copy of the artwork each year. Further information:

2010 wurde diese Auszeichnung ein weiteres Mal vergeben.
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